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Alpine plants

Alpine plants

There are many different kinds of alpine plants that can be found only in Hokkaido. Especially, Rishiri Island and Rebun Island are well known for their treasury of alpine flowers and popular as “Paradise of Flowers.” Thanks to the climate in Hokkaido, these flowers appear in Hokkaido earlier than in other areas, and you see various kinds of those flowers at the same time over the seasons.

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Seasons of major alpine plants and highlights

“Rebun-Atsumorisou”Indigenous SpeciesRebun Island

A wild orchid found only in Rebun Island. It has unique cream-colored ovoid flowers. The flowers generally come out from May to June.

“Rishiri-Hinageshi”Indigenous SpeciesRebun Island

A kind of corn poppy growing wild only on the peak of Mt. Rishiri, and this is said to be the only wild species of corn poppy in the world. Its greenish yellow petals are very charming. The flowering season is normally from July to early August.

“Komakusa”(Dicentra)Mt. Taisetsu

Komakusa is also known as “the queen of alpine plants” for its beautiful flowers. “Komakusa” is named after the shape of the flowers that look like a horse. (Horses were called “koma” in the old days of Japan.)

“Rzo-Kanzou” (Daylily)

“Kibanashiogama”Indigenous SpeciesMt. Taisetsu

Kibanashiogama is a perennial plant growing in dry grasslands and gravel in the alpine region. Its characteristic leaf has thin stems, looking like fern. This is the only kind in lousewort that has memorable yellow flowers. Its normal flowering season is July.

“Ezo-oyamanoendou”Indigenous SpeciesMt. Taisetsu

Its characteristic features include its low height, and it grows in clusters. This is a variant species of oxytropis, but different from it in that ezo-oyamanoendou has more fine hair. After the flowers fall, it bears decent fruits. Its normal flowering season is from July to early August.

“Hosobauruppusou”Indigenous SpeciesMt. Taisetsu

It grows in the gravel ground and has characteristic unique shape. Its height reaches up to 50 centimeters. This is a perennial plant with beautiful shiny flowers. It normally flowers around July.

“Ezo-yamatsumekusa”Mt. Taisetsu