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Enjoy the Flowers covering Hills, Mountains and the Sky.

You must be impressed with the purple carpet of lavenders on the vast land of Hokkaido. The flowers are processed into potpourri and herbal tea as well as being used for perfume and aromatherapy. As summer comes in Hokkaido, the flowers are coming out.

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Flowering seasons and major highlights

Mid June to Mid August
Farm Tomita in Nakafurano
Mid July to Mid September
Potpourri no Sato in Furano
Early July to Mid August
Zerubu no Oka, or Zerubu Hill, in Biei
Kanno Farm in Kamifurano
Hinode Park and Lavender En in Kamifurano
Saika no Sato in Nakafurano
Mt. Hokusei Municipal Lavender Park in Nakafurano
Early July to Late July
Higashiyama Lavender Farm in Niseko
Lavender Garden on Miyama Pass in Kamifurano