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If You Are the One(非誠勿擾)


A man named Qin once studied in the United States. He became a millionaire just in a night by his success in the investment. Once he became super-rich, he suddenly decides to marry a woman and starts posting advertisements in his blog and travelling within and outside of China. He then meets a stewardess named Xiaoxiao. Xiaoxiao decides to go travelling to eastern part of Hokkaido (Doto area) with Qin, hoping to get over her love affair with a married man. Xiaoxiao starts to get attracted to Qin’s sincerity as they enjoy the beauty of the nature in Hokkaido during their trip, but she attempts a suicide...


Many scenes in this movie were shot in the eastern part of Hokkaido (Doto area). There is a lot of untouched great nature such as the Natural Heritage of Shiretoko, and you see magnificent scenery that can be only found in Hokkaido in Japan. Please visit these places as if you were a character in this movie!

“Kitahama Station” in Abashiri City

Qin and Xiaoxiao’s trip starts at “Kitahama Station.” Wu Sang, a longtime friend of Qin, comes to pick up Qin at this station in the movie.


“Kokutai-ji” (Kokutai Temple) in Akkeshi Town

Qin has wanted to visit this temple. This is selected as a national historical site with a long and distinguished history. Its massive structure adds color to the movie. This temple is also known for its cherry blossoms. It is not possible to enter the buddhist temple, now.


“Akanko Onsen” in Kushiro City

Qin, Xiaoxiao and Wu Sang stayed at “Akan Tsurumasa Bessou Hinanoza”in Akanko Onsen (Akanko Hot Spring). This Japanese-style hotel is popular for the best amenity among many hot spring areas in Hokkaido.

“Bihoro Toge” (Bihoro Mountain Pass) bordering Bihoro Town and Teshikaga Town

Qin, Xiaoxiao and Wu Sang visit “Bihoro Toge.” You can command a view of Kussharoko (Lake Kussharo) and mountains in Akan from the observation deck.

“Mashuko” (Lake Mashu) in Teshikaga Town

Qin, Xiaoxiao and Wu Sang see a signboard that says “13 km to Mashuko” during their car travel in the rain.

“Yagai Onsen” in Shiretoko Peninsula

Funny survival training scenes where Qin wears costumes are shot at Shiretoko Campsite. The outdoor hot spring bath that Xiaoxiao takes is a popular one in “Iwaobetsu-onsen Hotel Chinohate.”

“Notoro-misaki”(Cape Notoro) in Abashiri City

One of the impressive scenes is a dialogue between Qin and Xiaoxiao on the cliff at dusk. Qin’s pure feeling goes straight to Xiaoxiao’s heart. This is also where Xiaoxiao jumps down from the cliff when the story reaches its climax.


“Hotel Kita Kobushi” in Shari Town

It is a sad scene of Xiaoxiao. The movie set is Hotel of Utoro "North fist.