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Love Letter


Crossroads in Ironai

Itsuki Fujii (female), living in Otaru, and Hiroko Watanabe, visiting from Kobe, pass by each other at the crossroads. The story goes to unravel the mystery from this point. This area was also called as “Northern Wall Street”as there used to be many banks and securities companies such as former Otaru Branch of Bank of Japan.

Library where Itsuki Fujii works in Otaru

This scene was shot at former Nippon Yusen Otaru branch. This is an impressive two-story stone building in the modern European style. In the film, Itsuki talks to her colleague about the mystery of the letter while sitting on the outside stairs.

Hospital where Itsuki Fujii in Otaru goes when she caught cold

In the film, while Itsuki is in the waiting room, she looks back the time when her late father came to this hospital. This is Otaru City Office Building built in 1933 and is used still now.

Glass atelier in Otaru

A friend of Akiba living in Kobe works at this glass atelier. You can try glass making experience at this “Otaru Canalside Glass Factory”(Otaru-unga Kougeikan).

Glass atelier in Kobe

The glass atelier where Akiba, Hiroko’s friend, works was actually shot in "The Glass Studio in Otaru" in Otaru. It is located at the foot of Mt. Tengu. You can look around the glass making process.

The house of Itsuki Fujii in Kobe

This is a house of Itsuki Fujii (male), a fiancé of Hiroko Watanabe who died in a mountaineering accident. Hiroko finds his address in Otaru in his high school photo album in this house and decides to send a love letter to his address. Former Suhara residence used in the film is a historical construction built in 1912. This house is open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays from late April to mid October.