Eastern Hokkaido Area Guide

山(観光地) Shiretoko Goko Lakes
  • Shari

The Shiretoko Goko Lakes, are five lakes embraced by old-growth forests, situated in the scenic Shiretoko Natural World Heritage Site. For a leisurely walk, take the trail around the five lakes, or take the 800-meter-long raised boardwalk to see the first lake up close.

山(観光地) Kushiro Shitsugen Wetlands
  • Kushiro

Kushiro Shitsugen Wetlands, the largest in Japan, is home to numerous rare wildlife including the Japanese red-crowned crane, which is designated a special natural monument. Besides a well maintained boardwalk and an observatory, the park offers canoeing, and bird and wildlife watching.

温泉 Lake Akan Hot Springs
  • Kushiro

Hot spring village situated on the shores of Lake Akan, which is a famous habitat for the rare Marimo. Many of the hotels on the lakeside have outdoor baths with spectacular views of the lake and of the surrounding mountainous scenery.

カメラ(体験施設) Ban-ei Tokachi
  • Obihiro

A unique race that began with farmers racing their farm horses, has been carried on for generations. There is nothing like it in the world. Large horses weighing easily a ton or more pull a steel sled with jockey and weights, competing in both power and speed. Night races are also held between April and November.

食事 Spakatsu
  • Eastern Hokkaido

“Spakatsu,” a local cuisine of Kushiro, is a dish of spaghetti on a hot iron plate, topped with pork cutlet. Each dish, from Restaurant Izumiya, the founding father of the dish, to other eateries who also serve the dish, is so voluminous it almost overflows from the plate!

食事 Katte-Don
  • Eastern Hokkaido

Katte-Don is a famous food served at the Washo Market near Kushiro Station. Purchase a bowl of rice at any deli or eatery in the market, then make the rounds at fish markets to search for the topping you want to create your very own seafood donburi!

食事 Butadon
  • Eastern Hokkaido

Butadon, a famous Tokachi and Obihiro specialty, takes a hint from “unaju,” or eel donburi. Nicely grilled pork is seasoned with sweet and spicy sauce, then heaped on a hot bowl of rice. There are many Butadon specialty stores throughout the city with varying types of pork, sauce and recipes, so it might be fun to try it at different stores.