Northern Hokkaido Area Guide

カメラ(体験施設) Snow Crystal Museum
  • Asahikawa

Enjoy a the magic and mystery surrounding the world of snow and ice, even during the summer! The facility resembling an European castle, has corridors decorated with real snow, and rooms with snowflake motifs, each of which make for a great background for photos!

山(観光地) Taisetsu Mori-no Garden
  • Kamikawa

Vast gardens overlooking the Taisetsu Mountain Range feature two gardens, “Mori-no Hanazono” where various wildflowers bloom, and “Mori-no Geihinkan,” that utilizes nature’s original state. You can also relax in the café or enjoy shopping at the gift shop on site.

山(観光地) Hill of Sheep and Clouds
  • Shibetsu

This sightseeing farm is home to 100 Suffolk and other sheep which graze freely on the vast premises. Enjoy a delicious meal of Shibetsu Suffolk lamb at the farm restaurant, and sheep shearing and dog shows on site.

温泉 Sounkyo Hot Springs
  • Kamikawa

Sounkyo Hot Spring village is nestled in the Sounkyo Valley, which is situated at the foot of Mt. Taisetsu and known as the most scenic tourist destination in Hokkaido. The village is landscaped and designed based on “Canyon Mall,” a mountainous resort in Canada,

食事 Shinko-yaki
  • Northern Hokkaido

Shinko-yaki is a familiar local food loved by citizens of Asahikawa. Chicken halves, including the wings, are deep fried and seasoned to give dynamic flavor! In recent years, many eateries serve variations of Shinko-yaki such as Italian style and much more.

食事 Furano Melons
  • Northern Hokkaido

Melons grown in Furano where the difference in temperature is drastic, are very sweet. Not only are they sweet, but they can be purchased at reasonable prices. “Santa’s beard,” which is a half of melon topped with soft serve, is a popular dessert.

食事 Stewed Genghis Khan Lamb BBQ
  • Northern Hokkaido

Genghis Khan BBQ is a signature food of Hokkaido. In Nayoro, “stewed Genghis Khan BBQ” is popular. Lamb, vegetables, udon noodles and other ingredients are all stewed together in one pot; so you can enjoy a different variation of Genghis Khan.