Southern Hokkaido Area Guide

山(観光地) Mt. Hakodate
  • Hakodate

The night view from Mt. Hakodate is synonymous with Hakodate. It was awarded three stars by the world renowned travel guide, Michelin Green Guide Japan. The night view changes its appearance with each season, so you have something to look forward to each time you visit.

山(観光地) Goryokaku Park
  • Hakodate

The first Western-style fortress built based on reference to European castles. Today it serves as a park that is familiar to locals and tourists alike. The 1.8 km course which runs along the moat encircling the fortress, is perfect for a light run.

カメラ(体験施設) Shikabe Geyser Park
  • Shikabe

A geyser is hot spring water which erupts at regular intervals, through a hole in the ground. The geyser in Shikabe Geyser Park, Shikabe, located next to Hakodate, shoots hot water 15 meters into the sky, every 10 minutes. There are foot baths inside the park to soothe your sore feet.

温泉 Yunokawa Hot Springs
  • Hakodate

One of the three most famous hot spring villages in Hokkaido, faces the ocean, and boasts thin, smooth and clear hot water. Its convenient location just 5 minutes by car from Hakodate Airport, and near the tram stop, makes it a very popular hot spring village easily accessible by locals and tourists alike.

食事 Ikameshi
  • Southern Hokkaido

Ikameshi, is a local Hakodate cuisine of squid filled with rice and slow-cooked in soy sauce. The sticky rice packed with delicious flavor of squid is absolutely exquisite! Ikameshi box lunch sold at JR Mari station, is popular at Hokkaido produce fairs held throughout the nation.

食事 Seafood Donburi
  • Southern Hokkaido

One of the things you want to try in Hakodate is seafood donburi. Seafood donburi, full of fresh blessings of the sea is the most popular food among tourists as well as Ikameshi is. It can be enjoyed at the Hakodate Morning Market, and in various eateries throughout Hakodate.

食事 Shio Ramen
  • Southern Hokkaido

One of the signature foods of Hakodate, is “shio ramen,” which features a slightly salty, clear broth and straight thin noodles. The soup, though light, has a rich flavor and will make you want to drink it down to the last drop.