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Savor Hokkaido’s Seafood in our Markets

Hakodate Morning Market

It would be great to have a seafood rice bowl right now!

Located beside JR Hakodate Station, the Hakodate Morning Market is Hakodate City’s most famous destination for lovers of fine-food. At its approximately 250 shops, you can buy famed Hokkaido seafood, rare delicacies, fruits and vegetables. Hakodate Morning Market Donburi Yokocho Ichiba (Rice-bowl Side-street Market) is a popular part of the market. It is lined with restaurants where you can enjoy seafood donburi, which is a bowl of hot rice topped with prepared seafoods, plus ramen shops, and stores selling seafood products. Their top attraction is, of course, seafood rice bowls. The most famous menu item is seafood rice bowl, that is freshly cooked rice topped off with alluring ingredients such as sea urchin, crab meat, or salmon roe that crackles as it bursts open in your mouth. No matter what the season, you can look forward to a tasty treat. Please try out each shop’s carefully prepared dishes. 

  • Address: 9-19, Wakamatsu-cho, Hakodate City, 040-0063
  • Business hours: 5:00 to around 14:00 PM (from 6:00 from January to April) ※Varies according to the shop. 
  • Regular holidays: none. ※vary according to the shop.
  • Opening hours: vary according to the shop
  • Holidays: vary according to the shop
  • Inquiries: office of the Federation of Hakodate Morning Market Cooperative Associations
  • Web sites:

Curb Market outside the Sapporo Central Wholesale Market

Taste dishes prepared with seasonal ingredients served in Curb Market restaurants!

Every morning, seafood, vegetables, fruits, and many other food products caught or harvested throughout Hokkaido pour into the Sapporo Central Wholesale Market. The Sapporo Curb Market located nearby, which includes about 60 shops selling seafood and agricultural products, is another popular market offering unbeatably fresh carefully selected foods starting from 6:00 a.m. Tourists flock to the Curb Market to buy fruits and souvenirs. They are also attracted to the Curb Market restaurants. Each one has developed its own menu featuring seafood rice bowls, rice balls containing meat, fish, or vegetable, miso-grilled cuisine, ramen, fried noodles, or curry, with a single in-season ingredient as its theme. Each restaurant serves its own dishes and sets its own prices. Be sure to get up early to enjoy brunch at the Curb Market. 

  • Address: 2-3 Kita 11, Nishi 21, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 060-0011
  • Business hours: vary according to the shop
  • Regular holidays: vary according to the shop
  • Inquiries: Sapporo Market Curb Market, Shopping Area Promotion Association
  • Web sites:

Kushiro Washo Market

When you come, you must not miss Kattedon. 

The kitchen of the people of Kushiro, Kushiro Washo Market, is only a five-minute walk from JR Kushiro Station. Its most famous product is Kattedon, or “My Rice Bowl”. You can create your own rice bowl dish by topping it off with your favorite ingredients. You begin by buying the rice-bowl size, small, medium, or large, that you want from one of the market’s delicatessens. After you buy your rice, you walk around the market selecting your favorite seafoods to put on top of your rice bowl. These are sold both by weight or by slices, so you can buy as much as you like, then when you have piled them on the rice, you complete the dish by adding soy sauce. Although they vary from season to season, you can choose from a wide selection including salmon roe, sea urchin, salmon, Sakhalin surf clam, and botan shrimp. “My Rice Bowl’ gives you the chance to enjoy trying to decide what fish to choose. The market also offers grilled fish dinners and sushi.  

  • Kushiro Washo Market
  • Address: 13-25 Kurogane-cho, Kushiro-shi, Hokkaido, 085-0018
  • Business hours: 8:00 to 18:00 (from January to March, until 17:00)
  • Regular holidays: undetermined (check the web site)
  • Inquiries: Kushiro Washo Market
  • Web sites:

Otaru Sankaku Market

The best place for breakfast and lunch in Otaru. Generous helpings of market dishes.

The Otaru Sankaku Market, which is five-minutes on foot from JR Otaru Station, is a market admired for offering fresh seafoods at reasonable prices. At its 6 restaurants, you can enjoy seafood bowls with generous toppings of crab, salmon roe, sea urchins and other fresh seafoods. Along with seafood bowls, they offer sashimi and grilled fish dinners. You can even enjoy creating your own personalized rice-bowl dishes by purchasing seafoods from its seafood shops and having the restaurant make you a dish that is not on the menu. Attracted by its reasonably priced fresh seafood rice bowls, people form long lines in front of each shop before lunch time, so it is a good idea to avoid arriving at noon, by, for example, coming for breakfast or an early lunch. 

  • Otaru Sankaku Market
  • Address: 10-16, 3-chome, Inaho, Otaru-shi, 047-0032
  • Business hours: market from 6:00 to 17:00 and restaurants from 7:00 to 17:00
  • Regular holidays: none (vary according to shop)
  • Inquiries
  • Otaru Sankaku Market
  • Web sites: