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Hokkaido Sakura Experience 2017

Have you seen cherry blossoms in Kyoto or Tokyo? Even if you missed the sakura season for this year, no worry!! The blooming season has just started here in Hokkaido as we are located in the northernmost in Japan.

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This year the season came earlier than usual and the very first sakura bloomed in the castle town Matsumae on 23 April. According to the Japan Weather Association the blooming day in Sapporo will be 30 April and the sakura is expected to be in full bloom on 4 May, during the Japanese big holiday period “Golden Week”. Finger crossed.

Japan National Tourism Organization, JNTO, provides the cherry blossom blooming forecast/ weather forecast.

The Bloom of 2017 Cherry Blossoms by JNTO
Japan Weather Forecast for travelers by JNTO

Also the Weather Map shows the full bloom forecast for major towns in Hokkaido.
Weather Map

And for sightseeing we have a sakura map with information on major viewing points. You can check on our database for further information on other flowers.

Hokkaido Sakura Experience 2017
Good Day Hokkaido database – cherry blossoms and other flowers

We hope you will enjoy the lovely sakura season!