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Hokkaido …a vast island full of discoveries

Hokkaido is a vast island accounting for around 20% of Japan’s total area.

In spring, the fields are filled with flowers of all colors. In summer, the lakes an sea are a dazzling blue.Autumn adorns the mountains and forests with colorful leaves.Winter transforms the land into a world of pure white snow. Each of Hokkaido’s distinct seasons brings its own diverse tastes to the seas,mountains and fields and comes with its own unique culture, leisure activities and events.

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■Hakodate(Mt.Hakodate,Hakodate Morning Market(Hakodate Asaichi)   Donburi Yokocho Market) 

■Furano and Biei(Blue Pond ,The Patchwork Hills) 

■Noboribetsu(Noboribetsu Hell Valley)   ■Good Day Hokkaido (website,Model Course) 


The night view is beautiful.


With countless unique attractions such as the “world’s best” night view, wide range of delicious seafood and traditional street scenery, Hakodate attractsover 4.3 million tourists each year.

函館 はちまんさか harisuto su 

 ■Mt. Hakodate (Hakodate)


The night view is beautiful.This 334m mountain towers over Hakodate, watching over the city streets. Artillery batteries and other war vestiges remain from its days as a military fortress. The viewpoint at the summit offers a night view that captivates tourists from throughout Japan and all over the world, whatever the season.

The beautiful night view is best about 30 minutes after sunset.

A ropeway is convenient if you see a night view

Three Minutes to the Top by Cable car
Mt. Hakodate is located within striking distance of the city center. The cable car is the standard way to visit the mountain and will land you at the summit station in just three minutes. When taking the cable car up the mountain, try facing the back of the car and looking out the right-hand window: from this position, you’ll get the biggest thrill at the instant when the night view suddenly reveals itself. The observatory on the mountain also features a souvenir shop and restaurants.

Address:19-7, Motomachi, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido ,Japan



Try a Seafood Rice Bowl 

■Hakodate Morning Market(Hakodate Asaichi)   Donburi Yokocho Market


One of the most popular dishes in Hakodate is the “seafood rice bowl,” featuring a bowl of steaming rice topped with freshly-caught seafood. Eateries specializing in this favorite local dish are located en masse at the morning market (“Asaichi”), located in front of Hakodate Station.


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Hakodate area


Southern Hokkaido



> (Furano and Biei)

Enjoy the Flowers covering Hills, Mountains and the Sky.

■Furano and Biei

Furano and Biei are popular destinations in Hokkaido, particularly in summer when you can see lovely flowers such as poppies and lavenders.

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■The Patchwork Hills (Biei)

Seasonal crops of all colors create a patchwork effect on the hills of Biei. Hokusei-no-Oka View Park offers full view of the patchwork hills.


☆Best Attractions

1) Ken and Mary Tree (Poplar)  2) Seven Stars Tree (Daimyo Oak)  3) The perfect proportions between Mild Seven Hill and its trees

Flower Calender and  Lavender spots

■Blue Pond (Biei)

This pond was formed in 1988 when a dam was created to protect citizens from eruptions of the nearby Mt. Tokachi-dake. It is named “Aoi Ike (Blue Pond)” for the bright blue color caused by sunlight hitting particles in the water, creating a uniquely beautiful scene that is becoming increasingly popular with Japanese and overseas tourists alike.

青い池4 - コピー






Address:Shirogane, Biei-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido,Japan

☆Tips for railway travel in Hokkaido

Go to Furano and Biei by train!

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Furano and Biei are popular destinations in Hokkaido, particularly in summer when you can see lovely flowers such as poppies and lavenders. Seasonal train services “Furano Lavender Express” and “Furano Biei Norokko Train” are available as always.  One big note for this year; Twinkle Bus has changed its name into “Biei View Bus”. There are 3 courses which covers scenic spots in Biei like Blue Pond, Shikisai-no-oka flower hill and other observatories on hills.

Tips for railway travel in Hokkaido

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Biei area


Northern Hokkaido



This leading spa resort in japan is also known as a “Hot Spring Department Store”.


Noboribetsu is home to nine types of hot springs, each with different healing effects. With a greater variety than almost anywhere else in the world, Noboribetsu is often dubbed the “Hot Spring Department Store”.

■Noboribetsu Hell Valley (Noboribetsu)

An around 450m-wide crater formed by volcanic eruptions, Noboribetsu Hell Valley is named for its active geysers and fumaroles spurting water and steam, and bubbling pools of boiling water. You can bathe in these diverse and plentiful hot springs at the various hotels and inns nearby.







Address:Noboribetsu Onsen-cho, Noboribetsu,Hokkaido,Japan

Hell Valley

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Noboribetsu are

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