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The Definitive Guide to August in Hokkaido 2019 vol. 2

Okushiri Blue (Okushiri Gueshouse Imacoco)

960px_0617_Okushiri Gueshouse ImacocoHokkaido always give you new deiniftions of ‘blue’.
Today we’d like to introduce you the ‘Okushiri Blue’, which can be fuond on Okushiri-Island, the westernmost remote island in Hokkaido. More than merely sightseeing by ferry, you may also join various water sports to enjoy the waters such as SUP・Kayak beginner experience (4,000 JPY/hour), SUP・Kayak magestic-view-tour (11,000 JPY/3hours) and SUP・Kayak Cave Kamui tour (11,000 JPY/3hours). Don’t forget to immerse yourself into the hot spring which just takes a 2-minute walk, and finish your journey with a big warm welcome from the guesthouse’s owner!

Okushiri Gueshouse Imacoco
Address: Yunohama 100, Okushiri-cho, Okushiri-Gun
Access: take the Okushiri Chouyu Bus and get off at Kamuiwaki
※Simply ask the driver to drop you off at ‘Imacoco’. Hokkaido residents are always tourist-friendly!


Hokkaido soft serve-ice cream

960px_0619_Hokkaido soft serve-ice creamBelieve it or not, Hokkaido soft serve-ice cream is a must-eat despite of the freezing weather, yet they even taste better in winters!
You might wonder why ice creams from the north-end have the best quality- thanks to the cold climates in Hokkaido, cattles eat a lot pastures throughout the year and produce rich-flavored milk. Compared to standard dairy products which with 3.6% fat content, Hokkaido milk’s is at a average of 4%. We are sure that you will become a fan of it!


Cape Soya (Soya Kyuryo)

960px_0621_Cape SoyaWhat do you think this shiny-white pathway is made with?
Cape Soya (Soya Kyuryo) is a place where you can find gorgeous contrast joint by blues, whites and greens. After catching glimpses of Sakhalin Island, Mount Rishiri and about 60 giant wind turbines, here comes the biggest highlight- the ‘White Paths’. Any ideas of what the roads are paved with? Hint, the color comes from one Hokkaido’s seafood speciality ……
Bingo! They are crushed scallop shells! Doesn’t it make you want to go out for a walk right now?

Cape Soya (Soya Kyuryo)
Address: Soya Misaki, Wakkanai-city, Hokkaido
Access: 40 minutes by car from Wakkanai Airport,
or 50 mintes from Wakkanai Sation by Soya Bus to Omisaki, followed by a 10-minute walk towards mountainside


Air Trip

960px_0624_Lake Shikaribetsu Nature CenterLet’s soar through the sky at a maximum speed of 40km/h!
‘Air Trip’ is a zip-line activity offered by Lake Shikaribetsu Nature Center which you can fly like birds. With the dense forest of Hokkaido as your backdrop, the 2-hour long program not only brings you a panoramic view overlooking the virgin nature, but also a chance to become part of it. After zipping through the trees thrillingly and exhilaratingly, the expereince finish your adventure with a guided tour, which gives you a lecture on forest life, plants and animals.

Lake Shikaribetsu Nature Center 
Address: Kato-gun, Shika-Oi-cho, Kita-Uri-Maku, Hokkaido 
Hours: 9:00/12:30/15:00 (reservations required) ※10:00/14:00 in October and November
Fee: 8,000JPY/person (5,500JPY/person for 2 or more sign-ups)


Jingisukan (barbeque lamb) 

960px_0626_JingisukanWhat makes Jingisukan (barbeque lamb) so famous in Hokkaido?
Served with cooked vegetables and grilled mutton on a skillet, Jingisukan (Japanese pronunciation of ‘Genghis Khan’) is one soul food of Hokkaido. The dish was originally created by sheep farms in the 1930s. As the reasonably-priced combination of lamb meet and Hokkaido vegetables can hardly be found in other prefectures, its popularity sweeps over East Hokkaido and the whole main island quickly years later.
Jingisukan can be seasoned differently in different restaurants. Still, the sweet-chilly flavored plate is no doubt a must-try during your next visit to Hokkaido!


Atama Daibutsu 

960px_0628_Atama DaibutsuHave you ever seen a huge buddha statue surrounded by lavender fields?
Makomanai Takino Cemetery is one place where you can enjoy the scenery of the above perfect match. Commemorating the cemetery’s 30th anniversary, Japanese architect Ando Tadao helped design the landscape, dubbed as ‘Atama Daibutsu (The Buddha’s Head)’, carpeted in purple-flowering plants on a mound. After passing through a 130-meter long passageway, visitors will find themselves looking up the 13.5-meter-tall masterpiece indulged in a serene womblike prayer hall. The whole site will be painted green in spring, while covered in silver white snow in winter.

Atama Daibutsu ※Makomanai Takino Cemetery
Address: 2 Takino, Minami-ward, Sapporo-city
Hours: April~October 9:00~16:00 / November~March 10:00~15:00
※Close on year-end / New Year holidays (29 Dec~4 Jan)and maintenance day