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Explore eastern Hokkaido by East Hokkaido Sightseeing Bus

If you wish to explore the eastern Hokkaido this coming winter, here is the perfect solution for you. East Hokkaido Sightseeing Bus makes your trip easier by connecting airports and tourism destinations in eastern Hokkaido.  There are 2 routes: North Liner and South Liner and you will have some free time at popular tourism spots such as Asahiyama Zoo in Asahikawa, Okhotsk Ryu-hyo (floating ice) Museum in Abashiri, Lake Akan and Lake Mashu.

3221101知床連山、網走市、冬、自然、流氷、11064  4012043旭山動物園、旭川市、冬、施設、ペンギンの散歩、20023 3521301摩周湖、弟子屈町、冬、自然、10042、12063  

North Liner travels from Sapporo to Furano, Asahikawa Airport, Sounkyo, Onneyu Hot Spring, Memambetsu Airport, Abashiri and Utoro Hot Spring in Shiretoko. South Liner leaves from Obihiro and stops at Tokachigawa Hot Spring, Lake Akan, Lake Mashu and Utoro Hot Spring.

Reservation is required 2 days prior to the departure by phone, fax or web form.

Winter service duration:
23 December 2016 – 15 March 2017

Enquiry by phone:
+81 1 206 9016 (9.00 – 19.30 Japan time)

Reservation by mail form:

Explore the Wonderland Eastern Hokkaido official site: