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Nakasatsunai and Kiyosato approved by “The Most Beautiful Villages in Japan” association

On 7 October 2016, Nakasatsunai Village and Kiyosato Town in eastern Hokkaido were approved as a member of “The Most Beautiful Villages in Japan“, a non-profit organization which revitalizes and sustains the beautiful villages in Japan for the future.

[Nakasatsunai] Located in the southwest of Tokachi region, Nakasatsunai is a small village with about 4,000 population.  The main industry of the village is agriculture and they produce potato, sugar beet, beans and wheat and the sceneries with windbreak forests which protect the farms and houses are particularly charming.  

Nakasatsunai is also known as a village of art and flowers. Various museums such as Kyuichiro Aihara Art Museum, Chokko Skamoto’s 110th birthday anniversary hall are spotted in Nakasatsunai Art Village.  At Rokka-no-mori you can see flowers and plants that appear on the chocolate wrapping paper of Rokkatei, a popular confectionary in Obihiro.


[Kiyosato] Kiyosato, a town with about 4,000 people, is in the rural area at the foot of Mt. Shari-dake near Shiretoko Peninnsula.  The town is blessed with clear water such as Shari River, Lake Mashu and Kaminokoike which has underflow water of Lake Mashu.  The geometric patterns forming by farms and windbreak forests create the beautiful sceneries.  The main products of the town is grains such as potato and wheat.  Potato Shochu, a clear liquor distilled from potatoes and the underflow water of Mt. Shari-dake is a popular product nationwide.

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In Hokkaido following towns and villages are already the member of “The Most Beautiful Villages in Japan”. Nakastsunai and Kiyosato became the 9th and the 10th village.

[The Most Beautiful Villages in Japan]
Biei, Esashi (in southern Hokkaido), Ebeotsu area in Takikawa, Kuromatsunai, Akaigawa (Kiroro), Kyogoku, Shibetsu (in eastern Hokkaido), Tsurui