Hokkaido is blessed with a rich bounty of delicacies: fresh seafood, high-quality farm products, and a wide array of “local legends.” Make sure to schedule in some snacking between all of your sightseeing adventures.

A huge number of crabs are landed all around Hokkaido. Varieties including hanasaki crab, hairy crab, snow crab, and king crab. These crabs are fresh, delicious, and relatively cheap to indulge in, and each has its own distinctive flavor and texture. Shelling one’s own crab is a tradition here, and you can always tell when diners begin eating by the table’s silent determination.

Sushi is another Hokkaido delicacy. The prefecture has historically been a big player in the fishing industry, and as such, catches a lot of fresh fish every day. Even if you aren’t visiting a port city, the transport of fresh fish around the prefecture is fast and efficient, so you can reliably enjoy high-quality sushi across the island.

Farm Products
Farming and agriculture are big parts of life in Hokkaido, and one reason it is so well-loved around Japan. Fresh produce like potatoes, corn, and asparagus; tender and delicious meats like bacon and sausage; and luxurious dairy like milk, butter, and cheese are produced, sold, and shipped all over the country.

  • Soup Curry
    Soup Curry
  • Genghis Khan mutton BBQ
    Genghis Khan mutton BBQ
  • Miso Ramen
    Miso Ramen
  • Pork Rice Bowls
    Pork Rice Bowls

Local Legends
Unique local food culture is one reason why people from all over visit Hokkaido. Each region has its own “local legends,” from pork rice bowls in Obihiro, to shrimp and octopus dumplings in Haboro. More widely known “heroes” like soup curry, Genghis Khan mutton BBQ, and ramen can be found almost anywhere, although each region is going to have its own unique twist on these classics.

Bonus: Booze
The climate of Hokkaido and high-quality hops help produce good beer, and many manufactures establish their factories here because of that. This same climate is what makes the region a producer of wine, sake, and whiskey as well. Each of these alcoholic beverages is celebrated in different ways around the prefecture, and can often be enjoyed on-site at breweries, wineries, and distilleries.