What type of accommodation do you plan to stay in? Just like other parts of Japan, a wide variety of accommodation options are available where services, facilities, and prices vary. It’s easy to choose the style and level of comfort that suits your needs, and your budget.

There are plenty of hotels available all across Hokkaido that provide the same services as those in Europe and the United States. Many chain hotels operate out of the region’s major cities, but there are also plenty of budget options, as well as high-end luxury accommodations. Check popular booking sites to compare prices and rankings.

Ryokan, or traditional inns, are a popular choice for visitors that want to experience more of the surrounding culture. The lodgings tend to be built in a traditional style of architecture, and the rooms often have tatami-mat floors and paper doors dividing the interior.

These inns will often lay out futon beds while guests are enjoying dinner, and there is usually a public onsen, or hot spring bath, on the premises. For travelers willing to spend some extra money, some ryokan have private open-air baths that guests can reserve, or even private hot spring baths in the rooms themselves.

Visitors on a budget or looking to meet other travelers may want to consider staying at a youth hostel or guest house. These are simple accommodations that offer a lot of shared amenities and give hikers and backpackers an inexpensive alternative to a traditional hotel. They often have a shared kitchen and dining area where guests can prepare their own meals, relax with a drink, and exchange information about their trip with other guests.