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Weather In Hokkaido

Wondering what to wear for your trip to Hokkaido? With its majestic natural splendor, the region offers visitors an unlimited choice of delightful activities and scenery that varies from season to season: cherry blossoms in the spring, lush greenery in summer, red leaves of fall, and snowscapes during the winter. When you visit Hokkaido, remember that it has a naturally cooler climate, so it’s important to wear layers, and appropriately respond to rising and falling temperatures. Don’t forget to check the local forecast before you visit to avoid being surprised by any unseasonal highs or lows.

Spring brings warmer weather during the day, but the temperature falls sharply from the evening to early morning. It is recommended that you bring a light coat or a jacket in order to protect yourself from cold snaps.

Even in the summer, the temperature rarely exceeds 30 degrees Celsius during the day (86 degrees Fahrenheit). You should bring something you can slip on during the cool mornings and evenings. Normal summer wear is fine until the middle of August, when it begins to feel more like fall.

Cooler weather persists from mid-August until November, where daytime temperatures tend to fall sharply, and sometimes snow even begins to accumulate. Bringing a light down jacket or thick coat, along with several layers of inner-wear, is recommended so you can adjust quickly to the circumstance.

Winter is a time of intense cold and heavy snow. A thick coat or down jacket along with boots will help keep you warm, and prevent you from slipping on the snow-covered ground. The average temperature falls below freezing, so when choosing your outer-wear, prioritize protecting yourself from the cold wind.

While snow-covered roads can be difficult to travel on, conditions become even worse when it melts during the day and freezes into smooth, slippery ice. Icy roads often lead to serious accidents, so for visitors who plan on attending outdoor events, such as the Sapporo Snow Festival, it’s important to select effective, cold-resistant outerwear and slip-resistant footwear.