Autumn Foliage Kayak Tour

A Clear Reflecting Lake in the Autumn

Lake Shikotsu is a caldera lake formed by a volcanic eruption about 44,000 years ago. The crystal-clear lake is one of the clearest in Japan. It’s so clear you can see the “underwater Grand Canyon” created by past volcanic activity.
Experience the wonder of one of Japan’s national parks in fall as you head out in a clear-bottomed kayak, while the lake’s surface reflects the incredible colors from the maple and ginkgo trees all around you.

Price per person : ¥7,000
(12 years and up)
Child : ¥3,500
(4 years and up /
from July to September only)
Regular holiday
Except for the operating hours
Business period
Oct 12-Oct.31 ① 9:30‐11:30
③15:00‐17:00(available only from April to October 15)
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