Kushiro Wetland

Japan's Largest Wetland

Kushiro Wetland is Japan’s most expansive wetland and a “Ramsar Convention-registered Wetland.” It provides an important habitat for numerous species of waterfowl, as well the red-crowned crane, a Japanese “special natural monument.” The cranes can be seen throughout the year and attract countless photographers trying to snap the best photo. The Kushiro Wetland boasts five observatories from which different panoramic views of the wetland scenery can be seen. In addition, there are six footpaths from which visitors can enjoy birdwatching and observing plants and flowers to their heart’s content.

Kushiro City Marsh Observatory
Adults ¥480; high-school students ¥250; elementary/junior high school students ¥120
Regular holiday
Year-end/New Year period
Business period
Kushiro City Marsh Observatory
8:30–18:00 (May–Oct.)
9:00–17:00 (Nov.–Apr.)
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