Lake Shikotsu National Park Danshuei Diving

Let's go see the crystal blue Shikotsu Lake

Lake Shikotsu is a caldera lake formed by a volcanic eruption about 44,000 years ago. The lake is one of the clearest in Japan, so clear that swimming through it is said to feel like floating in the air. It is known as “Japan’s northernmost unfrozen lake” due to its resistance to Hokkaido’s extreme cold. Even when a section does freeze it’s thin enough to cut a hole in and go diving! Witness the amazing spectacle of light reflecting from the ice above you, while your dry suit keeps you warm as you swim.

Diver rank OWD: ¥14,000
Diver rank AOW: ¥13,000
Diver rank RED: ¥12,500
Diver rank MSD: ¥12,000
Diver Rank: DM or more: ¥11,000
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