Nijukken Road Cherry Blossom Trees

Over 2000 Cherry Blossom Trees Line The Road

This long, straight road in Shinhidaka might just be one of the most famous cherry blossom spots in Hokkaido. Over two thousand sargent cherry trees line this 7km stretch of road. It’s no wonder it was selected as one of the “Top 100 Roads in Japan” and one of the “Top 100 Cherry Blossom Sites in Japan.” Blossom-viewing season is short, and begins in early May. The Flower Tunnel at the center of Nijukken Road allows visitors to witness pink blossoms so think they blot out the sun. The Shizunai Cherry Blossom Festival is held during peak cherry blossom season, so make sure you visit the area at the right time of year to catch the festivities!

Admission free of charge
Regular holiday
Business period
Cherry Blossom Season: Early May-mid May
Shizunai Cherry Blossom Festival: Early May
Store hours: 9:00-18:00
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