Spring and Summer Clear Kayaking

Sea All the Way to the Bottom of Japan's Clearest Lake

Lake Shikotsu is one of the clearest lakes in Japan, and you can even see evidence of previous volcanic activity under the surface, known locally as the “underwater Grand Canyon”, as you head out in a clear-bottomed kayak.
Following the spring thaw, the visible depth of the lake increases to 30m, while in summer the white flowers of the Ranunculus yesoensis plant, a natural monument, can be seen. Marine plants such as curly-leaf pondweed and schools of up to 1,000 Tribolodon sachalinensis, a species of fish endemic to Japan, also begin to appear around this time.

Price per person : ¥7,000
(12 years and up)
Child : ¥3,500
(4 years and up /
from July to September only)
Regular holiday
Except for the operating hours
Business period
① 9:30-11:30
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