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Healthy and Tasty! Everyone in the World Loves Sushi.

Sushi represents the food in Japan. There are sushi fans all over the world. No other food in the world may be as artistic as sushi. Also, it’s surprising that sushi tells you the change of seasons.

You can eat delicious sushi in Hokkaido, and this fact is well-known in all over Japan. The reason is because a lot of fish for sushi is landed in Hokkaido, and thus the fish is fresh. The fresh fish is transported all over Hokkaido, and you can eat fresh sushi in Hokkaido even it’s not in a seaport. When a person trying a sushi for the first time may be worried, but then s/he will become a fan once s/he starts eating it.

Sushi is not always made with fish, and sometimes vegetables and meat are used. Various unique sushi has been developed since sushi became known in the United States in the late 20th century. Recently, sushi-go-round has become popular as it usually offers inexpensive sushi and also unique sushi made with mayonnaise, which is popular among children. There are various manners in eating sushi, yet please try and enjoy the sushi. You’ll love it!