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Snowshoe Hiking on Lake Shikaribetsu, Railroad Remains, and Tokachi River Boat Cruise





  • 4days 3nights

  • Min.8, Max.12

  • Walking


  • Lake Shikaribetsu snow hiking and ‘Shikaribetsu-ko Kotan’ a venue with winter-only events
  • Snowshoe hiking to see Taushubetsu River Bridge and Ice Bubbles
  • Tokachi River boat cruise with splendid views of the natural winter landscape
  • Staying at a natural hot spring resort at Lake Shikaribetsu and Nukabira Onsenkyo hotspring

Tokachi area of Hokkaido , Shikaoi , Shikaribetsu Onsen hot spa, kamiishihoro, Lake Shikaribetsu, Lake Nukabira, Tokachi river






In the Tokachi area, a railroad was built in the Taisho era (1912-1926) to carry lumber out of the area, but the line was abandoned as the forestry industry declined, leaving behind only derelict remains.

Among the concrete arch bridges around Lake Nukabira, the Taushubetsu River Bridge is special because it appears only in winter, when the lake freezes and the water level drops. This mysterious bridge can only be seen by snowshoeing on the lake.

We will visit the arch bridge on snowshoes, feel the history of Hokkaido’s pioneering period, and experience the winter wilderness of the Tokachi area, including a boat cruise.



Meet at Tokachi Obihiro Airport and visit a Japanese inn with natural a hot spring in Shikaribetsu-kyo

We will gather at Tokachi Obihiro Airport and take a private car to the town of Shikaoi (approx. 1 hour).

Next we will visit Kanno Onsen, a natural hot spring hotel in Shikaribetsu-kyo (approx. 30 min).

We can also take a walk around the area.


Dog sledding in the Tokachi wilderness and snowshoe hiking in the forest around Lake Shikaribetsu

In the morning, we will take a private car to the town of Shikaoi to experience dog sledding with Mushing Works on a 12km section (each sled can only seat two riders but we will all go as a group). This quiet means of transportation allows us to blend in with nature and experience the Tokachi Plain from a unique perspective (approx. 2 hours).

After lunch in Shikaoi town, we will move on to Lake Shikaribetsu by private car for a snowshoe hike in the forests surrounding the lake, experiencing the nature of Daisetsuzan National Park (approx. 2 hours on foot).

Afterwards, we will enjoy the open-air hot bath in the snow as well as an ice bar at Lake Shikaribetsu Kotan, an event held at the lake only during winter.


Snowshoe hike at Lake Nukabira to explore the remains of the railroad and see a rare and magical winter phenomenon

We will take a private car to Lake Nukabira (approx. 2 hours). The tour will take us on a leisurely snowshoe hike through a white birch forest to the frozen lake. There, we will see the Taushubetsu River Bridge, which only appears in winter, and the Nukabira arch bridges of the old Shihoro Line.

Here we can view the railroad remains from a perspective unique to winter and feel the relationship between the forests and the industry that once thrived there. Looking out over Mt. Upepesanke, we explore the dynamic icy scenery along the shore and search for the rare natural phenomenon of Ice Bubbles (approx. 2 hours on foot).

Next we will travel to Tokachigawa Onsen (approx. 1.5 hours).


Experience the harsh yet fascinating nature of winter on a Tokachi River boat cruise

After leaving the hotel, we will take a winter boat cruise on the Tokachigawa River organized by the Tokachi Nature Center. We can enjoy a leisurely river cruise amidst the sparkling scenery of the river on a winter morning.

From the waters of the river we can take in the harsh winter landscape of Tokachi and observe the ecology of wild birds and wildlife (approx. 2 hours).

Finally, we will transfer by private car to Tokachi Obihiro Airport (approx. 40 minutes) to conclude the tour.


Area Facility Type Room Type Onsen / Spa WiFi
1 Shikaribetsukyo Kanno Onsen Ryokan Japanese style Onsen WiFi
2 Lake Shikaribetsu Hotel Japanese style Onsen WiFi
3 Tokachigawa Onsen Hotel Japanese style Onsen WiFi

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