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Furano Geo Adventure Bike &Hike





  • 1 day

  • 15

  • Hiking


  • Cycling


  • 11 km road-bike ride with incredible views of mountains, the Furano Basin, and ancient volcanic activity.
  • BBQ lunch at a glamping resort featuring local beef, pork, and freshly harvested vegetables.
  • Hike 2 km into the crater of an active volcano to see and touch evidence of past and current volcanic activity.
  • Visit the studio and museum of a renowned Japanese artist famed for his paintings of the Furano area mountains.

Naka-Furano and Kami-Furano, Hokkaido






The Furano area is located in the very center of the island of Hokkaido, and surrounded by volcanic mountains. The famed Tokachidake mountains rise dramatically from the floor of the Furano Basin forming a famed backdrop to stunning view. They also offer a unique insight into the geological history of Hokkaido that helps us more fully appreciate our time on earth, and plan for our future.

You’ll see the aftereffects of the volcanic violence that created these mountains, and feel that process still occurring. After arriving in the Furano area, we will ride our bikes up the opposite side of the Furano Basin to get a clear view of the results of ancient events. From there, we’ll ride across the valley to the top of a 70 m high ridge formed by a huge eruption. We will stop for a BBQ lunch, and then ride the bus up to a trailhead about half-way up the mountain. From there we will take a short hike into the Ansei Crater, the remnants of an ancient eruption. You’ll see and touch volcanic steam, and eat some hardboiled eggs cooked over a volcano vent.

By making real the abstract things that we all learned in school, we can strengthen our connection to the earth, its history, see our place in it, and with that insight, perhaps adjust our plans for our own futures.


Up bright and early, we’ll depart from the hotel in Sapporo at 6:30 A.M, and arrive in Furano at about 9:00 A.M., with a rest stop along the way. During the bus ride, we’ll explain the geological background of the tour to provide some context for the day’s activities.

After arriving in Furano, we’ll collect our bicycles and begin our ride. After a few easy kilometers, we’ll climb a short, fairly steep bit of road (may be walked) onto a ridge overlooking the Furano Basin. We’ll have a clear view of the volcano (which we’ll hike into later) and the 70 m high ridge surrounding the volcano that was formed by the ash and rocks from a huge eruption. We’ll then descend, cross the valley, and climb that ridge for an even closer look at the crater. Total bicycling distance: 11 km.

After lunch, we’ll board our bus and drive up to the trailhead, about halfway up the mountain. From there, we’ll hike about 2 km into the Ansei Crater with our guide, Aono-san, from the Tokachidake Geopark, whose grandfather initially mapped these trails.
The hike into the Ansei Crater is not particularly demanding, rising 120 m in 2 km, with an altitude of only 1500 m, but the path is somewhat rocky. At a moderate pace, it should take about 45 minutes to reach the crater. You’ll see evidence of past eruptions, the dramatic effects of erosion, and even see where some ice from the last Ice Age is covered by a large rock flow.
As you stand in the middle of the crater, you’ll be amazed at the powerful forces required to create such an incredible landscape. As you hold your hand over one of small steam vents in the ground, you’ll feel the heat of the current active volcano. As you eat a hard-boiled egg cooked over an active fumarole, you’ll connect yourself to the ancient primal forces of the earth.

To finish our day, we’ll stop by the studio and museum of Goto Sumio, a renowned Japanese landscape painter. He was enthralled with the Furano mountains and the primal forces they embodied. He built his studio at the base, and then studied and hiked the mountains for four years before beginning his first Furano painting. It’s a fitting conclusion of your day to see how he interpreted these mountains in his work.
Afterwards, we’ll board the bus for the ride back to Sapporo, arriving at about 6:00 P.M.


After the bike ride, we’ll stop at a small glamping resort at the foot of the volcano for a delicious BBQ lunch featuring local beef, pork and freshly harvested vegetables, highlighting the large regional agricultural sector. Vegetarian alternative offered.

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