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Interaction between the Earth and the Sea on Wetlands and Cliffs. ~Life-Filled Wetlands and the Sea~

This area of eastern Hokkaido along the Pacic Ocean was designated as Japan's 58th quasi-national park and Hokkaido's 6th on March 30,2021.
Its vast area covers 41,487hectares encompassing the regions of Kushiro,Akkeshi,Hamanaka and Shibecha,making it 1.4 times as large as Kushiro Marshland National Park.
The park features the almost-pristine wetlands of Kiritappu Marsh and Bekanbeushi Marsh.
Its landscape is rich and varied,with wet areas left behind after marine recession,cliffs stretching from Konbumori to Cape Shirepa and from Cape Aikappu to Biwase,and sea-surrounded land masses including Daikoku Island and Kenbokki Island.

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