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[Rusutsu - Lake Toya] Mountain Bike Touring - Long Course





  • 1 day

  • Min. 15, Max. 20

  • Mountain Bike

    Mountain Bike

  • Mountain bike through the scenic Lake Toya and the surrounding rural area
  • Bike through the UNESCO Global Geopark and experience views of the rugged volcano fumaroles, set against the tranquil blue lake.
  • Savor fresh, local produce with a delicious BBQ at a quiet lakeside campsite.

Central Hokkaido From Rusutsu to Lake Toya


Full view at Rusutsu Resort


Two-storied tower at Ukimido Park


Cycling along rural area


Cycling along lakeside


Approximately 110,000 years ago, Lake Toya was formed by a giant volcanic eruption creating this picturesque caldera Lake. With a diameter of up to 11 KM, Lake Toya is located on a large, volcanic plateau surrounded by rich volcanic soil. This stunning landscape features fertile farmland and numerous hot spring resorts. Rusutsu Resort is located 73KM southwest of Sapporo, Upon arrival at Rusutsu, it’s time to meet your tour guide and prepare for mountain biking. Once ready, we will transfer to the mountain bike starting point nearby the resort.

The total mountain biking distance is 22.5km with an altitude change of 394m and an expected duration of approximately 3-hours. The scenic upper 9KM section offers stunning views over Lake

Toya and the Hokkaido countryside as you slowly descent towards the lakeshore. This section takes roughly 60 minutes, including 2-3 brief rest breaks. Enjoy an exhilarating 7.5KM gravel section as you

bike through forests and fields, experiencing rural Hokkaido first-hand. After the exciting upper

section, enjoy amazing lakeside views with a flat 15km section on a smooth asphalt road. This course is suitable for all ability levels, with beginners encouraged to give it a try.

During the tour, our knowledgeable guides will provide a brief history of Lake Toya. Gain fascinating local insight into the benefits and challenges associated with living in such a volcanically active environment. Join this fun tour for stunning scenery and first-hand insight into this spectacular part of rural Hokkaido.


The total tour duration is 11 hours, including transport and break times.

The mountain bike activity has a duration of 3-hours (22.5KM), including an exciting 60-minute gravel section. 1-hour scheduled for lunch with 1.5-hours planned to travel to and visit the Toyako Visitor Center.

The day begins at 07:10 as your H.I.S. representative meets you at your Sapporo hotel, ready to

transfer to Rusutsu Resort. This journey will take approximately 2-hours. Upon arrival in the resort, meet your friendly mountain bike guide for a quick orientation, preparation and training, before setting off to the mountain bike course start point.

The tour begins near a ranch in a scenic upland forested area. From this point, descend via gravel path until you reach a secret viewpoint overlooking Lake Toya. At this point, your knowledgeable guide will provide insightful information into Lake Toya’s history, geography and culture while recounting tales from the dramatic 1977 and 2000 Mt Usu eruptions.

After the challenging downhill gravel section, the route transitions to a smooth asphalt road. This part

of the cycle is flat and relaxing. Take in the scenic panoramic views from the lakeside and check out some fascinating historical local monuments. Then head to the lakeshore campsite, which will be the lunch venue.

After lunch, bikes will be loaded into the car before heading to the Toyako Visitor Center. This touring

is 1.5-hours includes driving. Learn about the fascinating history of Mt Usu and the formation of the Caldera before returning to Rusutsu Resort. After arriving back at Rusutsu Resort, enjoy a short break before departing for Sapporo. The tour will conclude at 18:10 upon arrival at the Sapporo hotel.


BBQ lunch set featuring Lamb from the Rusutsu farm, Local lamb Sausage, Fresh Green Peppers, Sweet corn and Potato. Additional seasonal vegetables from local Rusutsu farms may also be served. (In case of implementation in September)

Tour Operator / Contact

H.I.S. Co.,Ltd (Inbound Division Team Hokkaido)


Nissay Sapporo BLDG, Nishi 4-1-1, Kita 3Jo, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido Japan

Contact Person (if any)

MR Shinobu Takafuji


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