The Official Hokkaido Adventure Travel Guide


A New Journey Starts in the Eco-friendly Town of Shikaoi

Shikaoi is a small town with a population of approximately 5,000 people, located on the Tokachi Plain in eastern Hokkaido. Lake Shikaribetsu, which is the lake with the highest elevation in Hokkaido and is called the lake in the sky, is famous for its rare flora and fauna. You can enjoy the rich natural environment there. Moreover, in winter, visitors can experience a fantastic world of “the Lake Shikaribetsu Kotan,”a village of snow and ice on completely frozen lake. The open-air bath, which can only be enjoyed there, is popular too.
Shikaoi is committed to eco-friendly, recycling-oriented agriculture and citizen-focused town development that makes the most of their natural resources. It is an eco-friendly town that actively promotes efforts to realize a decarbonized society by utilizing renewable energy sources such as biogas, solar power, and hydrogen gas energy.

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